Player Registration | Payment Information


Player registration for the Napa Stormers is $196 ($6 processing fee)  for a full season.

We are able to keep dues low thanks to our corporate sponsers who off-set costs through our jersey sponsorship program. 


Pay Now for the 2018 season! 



What is included in my player registration? 

  • Player Registration with USA Rugby. 

  • Team issued rugby shorts, and socks.

  • Other kit items such as sweatshirts and t-shirts are to-be-determined. 

  • High-level volunteer coaching and medical staff

  • Use of fields related to Stormers activities, and post-game meals. 


Are there additional costs I should expect? 

  • Each player will need a mouth guard ($8-20) to start the season. A sponsorship will likely provide a perminant one early season.

  • Members of the Varsity Team may participate in an optional tour in  TBD. 

  • A pair of rugby, or soccer cleats.

  • There are additional forms of protection that are optional. While not necessary, it does benefit players in certain positions to use items like light shoulder pads, or scrum caps. Prior to purchasing these items, talk to your coaches. 

  • We would encourage the purchase of a rugby ball ($10-20 online) to continue skill development outside of practice.

  • We encourage the purchase of rugby specific shorts ($15-40) for practices to save clothes from home, and to progress rugby skills.

  • Away Games: While carpooling is always available, the coaches and players love to see parents join us for away games. We will travel all over the bay area as far north as Sacramento, and potentially as far south as San Jose. 


We understand for most new players (and their parents), the idea of playing rugby can be a bit daunting. For this reason we do allow new players to join us for the first week of practice without paying for registration up-front, and make sure that rugby is the right fit for them.

Scholarships are also available for players who wish to play, but may not be able to afford it. Please talk to the Stormers coaching staff if this is the case, and plans will be made in total confidentiality.  No player has ever been turned away from the Stormers, due to the lack of available funds.