About The Stormers

Napa Stormers Rugby Club is part of the Northern California Youth Rugby Association and is registered in the Varsity Silver Division. (Freshmen-Seniors).

In December 2012, we established the very first youth rugby club in the Napa Valley.
As a brand new team, and the first in the region, our coaches hold a great responsibility to share the underlying virtues of rugby:
- To share, support and strengthen life skills, to not only be better players, but better citizens.
- To play a true team game where every player is a key component to overall success.
- To appreciate a worthy opponent and the challenges that must be conquered so as to be successful.
- Finally, to become a part of a local and international fraternity of equally focused and upstanding individuals.

Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the United States, and we want to introduce it to as many Napa youth as possible. It's the ultimate team sport that involves each and every person on the field. It teaches brotherhood, and hard work. Through this sport, it will teach these young men to become gentlemen, on and off the pitch.